Friday, January 19, 2007

Snow in Chapel Hill

This is the first time that Owen has seen snow. Zoe and he were very excited. It wasn't a lot of snow, but enough to build a snow man, throw snow balls, and of course close school.

Zoe's portrait


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illustration from a local artist


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Donald Guth is the artist. You can find his porfolio here:

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Winter's back

Baby, it's cold outside.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Back to blogging

I've been busy and away. As a result, I haven't been blogging. I'm nearly recovered from the big demands over the past month including winter break from school, mad-dash holidays, end of year projects, travel and new job responsibilities.

I went to Canada to print a book. I flew up to Boston, where I spent two days with my family and friends. Then I went to a small town that is far outside of Montreal. Everything went very well. The salesman was great. (Thanks Joe!) The printer was terrific. We had a couple small things to address and the rest was fast and perfect. In fact, I received my bound books today. They look great.

In two days, I managed to see very little of Canada. A great deal of Canada was still closed for Christmas holidays. I walked around a nice town Trois-Rivières, Quebec.

It looked like a nice place to be when more of the shops and restaurants are open. We had some interesting meals. Poutine is a local favorite dish of French fries with brown gravy and cheese curds. It sticks to your ribs and doesn't let go. I had to give it a try. When in Rome, was good, but not great. I could definitely see the appeal of Poutine as an internal heat source. I prefered the classic French food we had at a couple other places.

The weather was freaky warm (here too). The Canadians were all upset that it wasn't cold enough. 27 degrees Farenheit (too lazy to do the conversion) was cold enough for me!

I missed my family. And, boy, did they miss me. I received very sad calls from Zoe telling me she loved me and she missed me. It certainly is nice to be wanted.