Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies

Since I've been in publishing since, well, ahem, a LONG TIME, I have seen new technology come and go from the art and production side. Usually I'm happy to see the old stuff go and thrilled to usher in the new technology. Still, I was feeling surprisingly nostalgic whilst looking over the former tools of my trade at the online museum.

Yes, indeed, the world has changed for the better. We've been swept up into it. I remember the smell of the waxer, the mangled fingers from the X-ACTO knives, and the press-on type. Now, I never went to art school but I have used most of these tools at some point in my career.

Thank you, Apple. Thank you, Adobe. Thank you, even evil Microsoft.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Carrboro Elementary School Fair

Zoe and Owen became tigers at the school fair. We had a fun time, but the weather was not good.

Owen is difficult to manage at things like this. He runs off and gets lost in the crowd. We lost him at least eight times.

We spent the whole day and a lot of money to support our school. I took pictures for the school newsletter, The Carrboro Chalkboard. You can download a PDF from the school website. I'm pretty happy with the results.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

a healthy appetite


Owen loves pasta, plain with no sauce.
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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I'm in no shape to exercise

Yes, I'm in no shape to exercise. Sad, but true. Well, we have started to exercise every night. We're starting slow with walking. Walking is the only thing we can all do together. It's day five and I'm trying to figure out how to fit it in tonight. Tuesdays, I usually work late and go out from 7-9. I'm either going to have to go after 9PM, or leave work early and walk before my usual Tuesday night knitting group.

And, it's pretty hot today. I'm not ready for the heat. Once it gets hot, walking after dusk is much more tolerable. Or, we'll have to switch to early morning or in-door exercise. Of course, the pool will also be an option in a few weeks.

We're trying to go after dinner. We all went for a 25-minute walk last night. We had to nearly drag the kids for the last block.

I have trouble starting while the kids are raring to go. I'm always coming up with excuses. But, no more. That's it. We're doing it.