Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ian! the cherub

Ian is SO CUTE! We wanted to keep him. Zoe and I tried to hide him when his parents were packing up the car. We hid him amonst my yarn. He was pretty quiet, and it took them a while to find him. I wasn't even upset when he spit up all over my yarn!

Proud Auntie


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the Joy of Sox


We're so thrilled that the Red Sox have won the 2007 World Series. Of course, it was a much bigger thrill in 2004 after so many years of heartache.

Part of my family came to visit for a long weekend. It was a lot of fun to have a group of Sox Fans visiting during the the end of the series. On Sunday, we dressed the kids up all in Sox gear and red socks to have their pictures taken together. I'll post those when they're ready.

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Sue's t-shirts

Sue gave my kids beautiful crafty Halloween t-shirts. We're getting in the spirit.
Thanks so much Sue!

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Owen & Uncle Mick


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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More at the NC State Fair

We had some junk food, crazy rides, and a lot of laughs at the NC State Fair.

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Jalopy Junction at the NC State Fair


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NC State Fair

We had to blow off some steam this week, so we went to the State Fair.
Now, I need to get back to reality.

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My good guys


Here is a recent picture of Bob and Owen enjoying lunch at Panera after Sunday school. Today I want to focus on these two good guys.

A while ago, there was a book written by Rabbi Harold S. Kushner called When Bad Things Happen to Good People. I found a bit of commfort in reading this book when something very bad happened to my family. A good title does help a book a LOT. It did pretty well. I'm ready to write a new one called When Bad People Happen to Good People.

We've had a rough couple weeks with bad outside influences. I'm happy to say that the end is in sight and that we're moving on from the problem. We've had some unbelievable upheaval and now it's time to smooth out and de-stress.

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Daniel's visit

I'm overdue to update several things to my blog. This draft will have to do. I will add more links.

We had exciting visitors. Our new little friend Daniel kindly brought his parents to visit us!

We had a great time. We had fun being tourists in our own town. We went to WholeFoods, drove through UNC's campus. We went to the Carrboro Farmer's Market, LocoPops, Franklin Street, Southern Season. We drove out to the country to see tobacco in the fields, visited Hillsborough, ate at a nice Mexican restaurant (yum) and back to the mall for the wonder that is Southern Season! Now, did I forget anything?

Daniel was a delight. He's a great baby. We had so much fun.

There is something righteous about going to the gym

Did you ever notice the smug, happy looks on the faces of people coming out of the gym? When are we ever so righteous or proud? No, we certainly do not feel this good--not after leaving the dentist (ouch!), not after (finally) getting a pedicure, and certainly not after attending a PTA meeting. I have felt same on a few other special proud occasions. I have sported the look a few times in the past. I have felt it in the past like the day before and of our wedding, and when I brought home our kids from the hospital.

I’ve seen it on other people too. It’s rare, but nice to see. Lately, I’ve seen it a lot more often. There is something righteous about going to the gym.

What is more virtuous a feeling than leaving your gym with a flushed face, slightly, wobbly knees and the burn in muscles you don’t ordinarily use on a normal day? Well, I’m still at it. I just finished week four. Now, I have that self-righteous, satisfied look.