Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Zoe starts first grade

Zoe has started first grade. I am so proud of her. She is earnest and excited. She woke up before I did on Monday and said she was going to get an A today. That's my girl!

Still, we are missing her. Sometimes Owen and I don't know what to do without her. Owen is not as easy to manage without her. He gets into even more mischief.

As an unemployed...temporarily...stay-at-home mom, I suck. I am not cut out for this role.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


In this day in age, is knitting a ridiculous, frivolous activity? Yes, but so is baking bread. And, what compares to the smell of freshly baked bread or the feel of custom made sweater? Nothing.

My geeky husband thinks knitting is the equivalent of churning butter. I think some of his hobbies are weird too. It gives me solace and peace. It gives me a creative outlet with problem-solving, sometimes, okay, frequently, frustrating puzzles to solve.

I don't know why I love it so much. I used to avoid knitting in public. I thought I was too cool to knit with the girls in college. Now, I don't give a damn. I just do it.

It is a luxury to knit. I don't often have the time, the money or the mental space to devote myself to this craft. I guess it's like gardening--a craft that you can practice for a lifetime and still have more to do and learn.

By the way, I really like to garden, too.

Wicked Smaahrt

I'm missing Boston today. I guess it's going to come up every so often.

I need to make some more connections here. Where do I start?

Monday, August 15, 2005

$9.00 an hour?

We're doing jobs we don't like to buy shit we don't need.

Sunday, August 14, 2005


Seven years ago Benjamin died.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

birthday party recovery

Just getting over my daughter's birthday party. What was I thinking to invite 20 children under the age of 7? I think we overdid it a bit, but it was fun. Next year we are simply going to the beach or something simple.

I can't quite believe that she is seven. She is both grown up and still such a baby. Some days she acts like a teenager and others she acts like a toddler.

It's still a miracle that she is alive. Every day I remember that fact.