Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Off to Mexico, for dental work

Tomorrow, I am flying to Phoenix, AZ. Then I will drive 200 miles to Yuma, AZ. Yuma is a border town with Mexico.

In the past, I have enjoyed visiting Mexico for several wonderful vacations. This time it's purely economic. I'm going to Mexico for dental work. I need four root canals with crowns and a couple fillings done. Sadly, given the state of my teeth, I need either a second mortgage on my house or a trip south of the border.

In North Carolina, a going rate for one root canal and crown costs around $2,000. My dental plan will pay for a small part. But, it does not cover crowns, and has a cap of $1,500 per person per year. I need at least 4, maybe a few more. That would cost me $8,000.

In Mexico, a full root canal, x-rays, build-up and crown cost $375!

The Mexican dentist that I'm going to comes highly recommended by my mother-in-law who has been to see them a couple times. She lives in AZ, and has had fairly complex work done with them. I trust her opinion. Even so, I'm nervous.

I'll update the blog with my progress. While I prefer to head south of the border for some real guacamole (and maybe a margarita or two, too!) Wish me luck and think of me under the drill, not under a sombrero.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Our trip to Build a Bear Workshop

Owen was the lucky recipient of a gift card from Auntie Amy for Build a Bear Workshop. He was thrilled. He picked out a cheetah and named him Charlie.

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