Sunday, March 19, 2006

Owen in his cool Italian leather jacket

My sister sent Owen two beautiful leather coats. Since we received them on Saturday morning, he hasn't wanted to take the cool red, white and black one off.

He wanted to sleep with it on.

Way to go auntie!

Thanks a lot!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

3 frozen embryos

We had a call this week from a nurse at the Brigham & Women's Hospital. She wanted to know what we wanted to do with our three remaining frozen embryos. I'm not sure.

I think I'm too old to have another pregnancy and new baby. Definitely too old to have triplets!!!!! Still, they were so hard to make and I feel they should have a chance.

I need to think more about this. My head says no, my heart says yes. Of course, I've been thinking about them for seven years since we made them. It would be very hard to destroy them. Leave them in the freezer? For how long? Why?

I wish I could donate them to a couple who needs embryos. How different is that from donating a baby?

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Owen is two!

Today is Owen's birthday.

He is growing into a beautiful big boy.

It's hard to believe.

We had cake at home. It was messy, silly, and nice.

Owen is two!


Owen is two today!


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sears Portrait Studio

These are not my favorite expressions, but Owen is giving Zoe a cute look. Owen is no longer cooperative in a photo shoot. He touches everything including the camera. Zoe on the other hand is very cooperative. She makes these funny grimaces.

Oh well, it's more important to have pictures than not.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Medically challenged

Yesterday, I went for a full physical exam. Owen was born almost two years ago. So, it has been a while since I've had the full Monty based upon my whole body, not just the reproductive organs, or my most recent urgent problems like pneumonia, or a broken arm.

Why do they make you wear those flimsy paper gowns? Why do they bother with the paper sheet? How difficult or expensive is it to provide fabric gowns or sheets? I'm not very modest after having been through IVF five times and having been on full bed rest for weeks at a TEACHING hospital. I have a large-sized fabric gown from one of my long stays in the hospital. (I don't know how or why it made it home -- a souvenir???) Next time I'm going to bring it and use it. Either that or wear it on Halloween--very scary.

After waiting since December for this appointment, I get roughly 12 minutes with my doctor. It goes something like this: How are you doing? You should take calcium supplements. What drugs are you taking? (Didn't you prescribe them???) Please get undressed, hang out naked, wait forever (still naked except for the now sweaty, partially-shredded paper gown). The doctor reappears...pokes, prods...spread em...sorry if this is cold. Get dressed and then jabbed for a tetanus shot. OUCH. You must come back for blood work when you are fasting. Pay $30.

The only good news is that I've lost 15 pounds since my last doctor's appointment in December. I'm pretty surprised at that. It's because I've been too sick to eat.