Thursday, September 04, 2008

New beginnings

The new school year has begun. Summer just flew by. Zoe started fourth grade at a brand new school. We're working with her to get on track with her homework and staying on schedule. She is trying her best, but some days are tough.

Here’s a photo of Zoe on her first day of school. My sister Leesa sent her a box full of new clothes from Old Navy. Thanks, Leesa!

Owen started Pre-K this year. It's a dual-language program with half the day in English, and half in Spanish. I hope he absorbs the Spanish like a sponge. I think its essential to know Spanish, and that it is much easier to learn it when you are young.

We've been struggling to stay on schedule. We are not morning people and Zoe’s school bus is at 7:05! Due to first the Olympics, and now the Presidential party politics we’ve been sleep deprived. As responsible parents, we have to make things work. You do what it takes.

Bob was in Denver visiting his sister Amy just days before the DNC. He snagged me a few Democratic momentos. I'm a proud Democrat and I am hopeful for a new administration next year. Just think of the new beginnings we can celebrate together.

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Anonymous said...

Yay! Zoe you look like a teenager!
Where's Owen's pic?
Love you!